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Alert 3 - We are avaialble for face to face consultations.

Greenlane Clinic - to minimise risk we are seeing Greenlane clients from the Northcote Clinic.  Greenlane will re open in  January 2022.  Please call Northcote 4810680 or email reception@bigfootpodiatry.co.nz

Please call or email the clinic for an appointment - reception@bigfootpodiatry.co.nz

Refer to the COVID FAQ page

Bigfoot are focussed  on providing a world class service for foot and leg pain

We treat elite and non elite athletes, children, grandparents and people of all walks of life. We thrive on great customer service with the expert knowledge to improve lifestyles, that gives our podiatrists a purpose each day.

You can be assured when you visit a Bigfoot Clinic you will recieve a great service backed by clinical experience and research.

For more information on how the Bigfoot Team can help, see us at our North Shore, Howick and Greenlane clinic.